v8.3.2 May 26, 2022
new features :
  • upgraded django to v3.2, python to v3.9 and all subproducts.

v8.3.0 dec 17, 2021
new features :
  • upgraded django, python and all subproducts.

v8.1.2 Aug 21, 2019
Bug Fixes :
  • This fixes an internal issue with user shift. This was found accidentally by developer..

New features :
  • Modified user profile form related to xml user.

v8.1.1 June 18, 2019 ( It addresses RITM0793574 )
Bug Fixes :
  • Fixed flag updates from members page.
  • Fixed file upload under py3.

New features :
  • Improved error reporting when trying to upload shifters from file.
  • Improved formatting for shifters quota pages.
  • Added tablesorter for members and institutions pages with the ability of filtering and sort.

v8.0.0 March 5th, 2019
Built under python3 :

v7.7 February 6th, 2018
Bug Fixes :
  • Form tags not automatically added when creating an entry using a form for which tags are defined.

  • Related tags not automatically inherited when creating a related entry.

  • Form Name was not be recognized if contains quote: fix is not to allow quotes.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 17055

  • Slowness reported by novapro: it turned out to be related to textile when parsing lots of "dots" which are
    often present in their entries when cutting and pasting from jobs output from the screen.

  • User profile form: allow to modify existing affiliation and chnage which is home.
    This was possible only if adding a new affiliation.

  • User Profile: sanity check when adding institution.
New features :
  • Add phone number to "who's on shift now".

  • Main members page: show (configurable in settings by admins only) phone numbers.

  • Add instance name when sending email to listserv

Special Announcement and Release Notes
v7.6 December 8th, 2016
This release is the last release which includes new features implementation:
ECL has been frozen except for bug fixes and installation of new instances.
Consulting support will ALWAYS be available!
Many new features have been incorporated in this release, so they are orgazined by "theme". Please read through.

  • Reorganize Create User:
    This function is performed by admins from the Members page.
    Create user is now a button which redirect to a page with basic needed information
    to create a user. Typically the information is provided by the user in the email generated
    when requesting a new account.
    Also, when user requests an ECL account, s/he can request to be added to the ecl-users
    mailing list. Admins are by default added to the ecl-admins list.
    On the Create user form, also added the ability to add a new Institution in case the requesting user
    belongs to one not already listed.
    This resolves Redmine issues # 13241
    This resolves Redmine issues # 13104

  • Add/modify entry subject:
    Clicking on an entry, the author or an edmin can click on "metadata" to add or modifty the entry subject.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 13103

  • Show/hide entry number in collapsed mode:

    This resolves RITM0465421 opened by Stephen Pordes

  • Initial entry time hidden when sorting by last-updated
    Using sorting by updated, an entry which a recent comment is shown first.
    Viewing the entry itself, chronological order is preserved.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 14520 (opened by Matthew Strait).

  • Added member filtering by "admins".
    The original Redmine request was to show on the side panel a link to find the admins.
    The implementation addresses this even if in a different way.
    In the same filtering mind, now members that are not active or disabled are not listed by default
    but available through appropriate filtering.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 13102

  • Add ability for admins to make entry un-viewable
    This can only be done by admins under the Configuration menu:
    Click on the "Create Hide-Entry Tag" button to create the special tag.
    Admins can also search for entries which have this tag.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 13056

  • Add ability to show some entries first.
    Under the Configuration menu admins can click on the "Create Sticky Tag" button to create
    the special which, in turn, can be use by everybody.
    The user can then select the "Show Sticky Entries First" to view entries with this tag
    before the other. These entries are identified by a "pin" symbol.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 8648 (RITM0208561 opened by Pawel Kryczynski, LarTPC).

  • Add subscription to all forms:
    This is available under the "Preferences" menu selecting "All forms/all entries" .
    Since "all forms means all entries" it addresses also the additional request by Matthew Strait (same Redmine issue).
    This resolves Redmine issue # 11992 (RITM0365725 opened by Bill Badgett).


  • Add search by subject:
    Available under the Search page selecting the "Has text (including substring)" field
    and checking the box "Search Only in Entry Subject".

  • Delete Saved searches:
    On the side panel where a list of existing saved searches is listed, click on the "x"
    for those personal searches. Only admins can remove global saved searches.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 1036


  • Add a weight factor to shifter to allow partial shifts to be accounted in quotas
    This is available using a new field in the User Profile page. The factor is then used in shift calculations summary quotas.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 13632 opened by Thomas Strauss (MicroBoone).

  • Create a simple ""view"" in ECL that shows who's on shift 'now'.
    This is available on the Logbook and the Shifts pages clickin on "Whos on shift now" link.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 12419 (RITM0388614 opened by Jon Paley).

  • Shift Filtering
    From the shits page, the user can select shifts to display: this is useful when many shifts are present.
    Navigation through the month will preserve the filter.
    As a side effect of working on this, resizing of shift rows has been applied.
    This resolves item 2 of Redmine issue # 10578 opened by Michael Mooney and confirmed by Thomas Strauss (Microboone).

v7.5 September 15th, 2016
New features :
  • Upload shift schedule by file:
    This was requested for Nova. Shifts are generated automatically based on the information stored in a CSV file.
    This feature is available from the Shifts Schedule Interval menu option,
    selecting an existind interval, button at the bottom of the page. The file must be of csv type with the following
    mandatory fields (one line per user): username,shift name,shift role,begin date.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 10577 (RITM0267921 opened by Gary Feldman).

  • Shift Full Summary for a user, available from the Shifts, Shift Quota menu option, drilling down to 'points by shifter'.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 13613 opened by Jaroslav Zalesak(NoVA)

  • Some code integrity fixes.

v7.4 June 23rd, 2016
New features :
  • Entry Subject:
    When creating a new entry the user has the option to add a "subject" to the entry:
    few meaningful words that can summarize what the entry is about, or something special about the entry.
    The subject will also appear in collapsed mode.
    Automated entry code has been changed accordingly to allow for this new field:
    API for automated posting is now available through the ups/upd product ecl_post version 7_3a.

  • Sorting entries by "created" vs "updated" (on a user session base):
    This option allows older entries with new comments to be visible since the entry will be updated with the date the comment is posted.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 10254 (RITM0343353 opened by Stephen Pordes).

  • Protected code from trying to create a user who already exists: show message vs trace dump on the screen.

  • User profile: validate page enforcing first and last name and email:
    Missing email was causing a crash when trying to remove a user from shift.
    This resolves redmine issue 12420 (INC000000711869)

  • Shift Quota miscalculated:
    Jennifer Graaf (LAriat) reported wrong counts in shift quotas: it turned out that user must have a "home" institution
    for the quota to be calculated correctly. Code changed accordingly when new user is created with an institution and warning message added .
    This resolves INC000000702372.

  • Made "invisible" entries that were simply previews.
    This would only show if user manually changes the entry number in the URL that shows an entry (not reccomended anyway..).
    This resolves Redmined issue # 12630 reported by Matthew Strait (NOvA).

  • Code crash when removing entry last tag:
    When editing entry metadata, code was crashing when removing last tag.
    This resolves Redmined issue # 11832 reported by Alex Himmel (NOvA).

  • Login page focus on username field:
    This resolves Redmine issue 12287 (RITM0291374 which wa opened by Jason St.John (Minerva))

  • Subscription email address encoded wrong:
    This resolves Redmine issue # 12629 opened by Matthew Strait (NOvA).

  • Validate form when creating a new shift interval: code would crash if time was missing.

v7.2c January 28th, 2016
New features:
  • The option to show thumbnails in collapsed mode. This option is configurable.
    Administrators will be able to set this option under the Settings menu.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 10947
  • The ability to attach PDFs as images.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 9994
  • The authors of entries will be displayed in collapsed mode.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 10106
  • When a new account is requested, the instance will be displayed in the email subject.
  • For new entries, the list of tags predefined for the form, if any, will be displayed.
    This resolves Redmine issue # 9442
  • Show Release Notes following the link to the Version.